A complete scope of commercial and residential fountains and water features of all kinds. We offer the good quality services from designing, developing and installing the water bodies to the complete maintenance of the projects to our client's specifications.

Coreopsis fountain specializes in water fountains and water features of all kinds from fountains to waterfalls, rain curtains and interactive water features.

We offer the best expertise, consultation and technical support. We also take up after sales services that include product service and regular maintenance of the product.

Water fountains add a sound feature to the spaces in which they're installed which is very relaxing and pleasant. These are available in a very broad range of designs. Fountains that are designed to be displayed on the floor, on a tabletop or even hanging on the wall are available. The smaller models can be moved from place to place quite easily.

Your business, no matter what that business might be, should invite your customers, clients or visitors in and make them feel welcome. You need to find a way to put your customers at ease, to reduce stress and to make them feel comfortable, even if they will just be in the waiting area.

Of course, it's equally important that you make your employees feel the same way to achieve this the best way is by using water fountains at your offices. the sound of running water is immensely soothing and relaxing business. Floor waterfalls are also fantastic choices for your business. Psychological studies show that water fountains and the sound of moving water are incredibly relaxing and that they help people to feel more patient and calm.

We use most modern concept s of electric, electronic, laser and sophisticated mechanical technology.

Application areas

We offer wide range of water fountains to fulfil all kinds of requirements mainly for :

Hotels and resorts
Hospitals and private organizations
Amusement parks and historic al places
Gardens and commercial areas, etc


To manufacture quality products of international standards at a cost-effective price, ensuring value for money for our customers.

We offer wide range of fountains:

  1. Static Fountains
  2. Water Curtains
  3. Floating Fountains
  4. Musical Fountains
  5. Laser Fountains
  6. Indoor Fountains
  7. Sandstone Fountains

Static fountains

These fountains are easy to maintain and can be used in residential and commercial buildings. These includes jumping jet fountains, laminar jet fountains, cascade jet fountains, bell jet fountains to complex and multiple jets that produce unique colourful lights and water effects to create interesting variations. Static fountains can be customised to your specific needs with the number of nozzles and lights. These water fountains can be designed in almost any size depending upon your requirements and area available.

Water curtains/water falls

We offer in varied patterns and effects.

Wall water fountains a natural choice for those in search of a convenient and elegant upgrade for their outdoor space. The wall mounted water fountains like rain drop water curtains and glass waterfalls with very minimalistic metal designs are particularly well-suited for corporate environments.

Floating fountains

These fountains maintain pond and lake beauty .Floating fountains and floating aerators are both decorative and functional. With Floating fountains oxygen safely keeps the water healthy and odour-free by aiding in the natural biodegradation of algae. Floating fountains and aerators are an economical way to maintain pond and lake beauty, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Musical fountains

Musical fountain give you a spectacular show of colours, lights and water effect s synchronised to almost any music. We have indoors and out door musical fountains for our esteemed clients.

We want our customers to be self-sufficient. You do not need Coreopsis fountain to be able to add new material to your fountain or to change when it is played. The feature set of our software is robust. Musical fountains need tight choreography between the music and the fountain resources of pumps, nozzles and lights. Features can be designed as per the client requirement and space available.

Regardless of the technology, we will give you value. It is all a matter of finding a balance between your budget and the effects you desire to see.

Laser fountains

A wide variety of visual effects can be achieved by using laser fountains. A laser fountain is a creation in which water is the medium used to make the laser beams visible.

Graphics as well as beam effects can be created by using laser fountains.

Lasers produce great effects by shining on and through the air. Mirrors and mirror balls are used to reflect beams for complex effects.

The laser net is advanced fat beam show light which can create laser curtain effects.

However to tell a story or show complex animations at their best a screen needed. Back projection allows the laser to project effects which give more pleasure to viewer.

Using lasers In outdoors on water screen gives a spectaculars laser show, with this we can design any specific need of our esteemed client's, like any laser graphic designs, music patterns, historic data, videos or any films whatever you select.

Laser fountains can be centre of attractions where they locate specially amusement parks, historical places and tourist places as well.

We offer the best expertise, knowledgeable consultation and a full technical support regardless the project is a simple architectural feature or a complex water theatre.

Indoor fountains

Indoor fountains are some of the most charming and distinguished additions one can make to their home or office.

There are very large floor fountains among the various indoor fountain designs. There are also wall fountains and table top fountains which are very popular with many individuals.

Indoor water fountains are very popular office accessories. A classic look is suitable for environments where a calm and distinguished feel is desired.

There are many designs which fall in the middle and these indoor fountains are suitable for most any environment.

Indoor fountains are available for the commercial and as well as residential purpose. There are so many different designs available in indoor water features that anyone will be able to find something that suits them.

Sandstone fountains

Sand stone Fountains are decorative accessories for ornamentation homes or offices as well as exteriors. Stone fountains are elaborately carved in traditional, Victorian or modern styles. Outdoor fountains may be large sized fountains or multi-tiered fountains that are available in multiple finishes and colour variations of sandstone. Highly ornate, indoor stone fountains are popular items of beautification that bring any home alive.

The beautiful Sandstone Garden Fountains offered by our company are made of sandstone and are truly great works of art by our designers and craftsmen. Widely praised for their distinctive varieties, these Sandstone Garden Fountains can be used as decorative items both for interiors as well as exteriors. The unique rugged appearance of the Sandstone Garden Fountains is superbly blended with vast designs that increase their beauty manifold and attention of the onlookers.

These garden fountains enhance the beauty of the surroundings by giving it a blend of an antique & contemporary look. These are available in exotic shapes, varieties and colours.

Our product designing policy is highly customer oriented, we crafting our products according to client's taste and specifications given by them.

If you want to make a room more elegant, you might go for stone fountains that have a timeless and beautiful look to them, if you want your room to be modern.